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Partner with Realty Referral Group, Inc.

Do you want to keep your Florida real estate license active and continue to earn commissions without listing or selling? You can do it!! Simply park your license with Realty Referral Group. Then, when you find or know of someone that wants to BUY or SELL their property, refer them to a trusted REALTOR in your professional network, or simply provide us with their name and phone number and we'll make the referral on your behalf. When the transaction closes and the referral fee is collected, you will receive 75% of the referral fee. It's really that simple.


Realty Referral Group, Inc., is a corporation organized for the purpose of providing referrals to brokers with full time Realtors®.

Referral Licensee

Realty Referral Group, Inc., is composed of Referral Licensees who activate their Florida Real Estate license with Realty Referral Group, Inc. Realty Referral Group, Inc., Referral Licensees will be on a referral basis only, but their license is considered active.

Property Management Referrals

Earn a $500 referral fee for each landlord client who signs a management agreement with Red Rooster Property Management, which is primarily engaged in the residential property management business.

What is a Referral?

A referral is a "lead" consisting of particular information of a prospective buyer, seller, or renter, which is sent to Realty Referral Group, Inc., and then distributed to cooperating Brokers.

Referral Fees

Referral Licensees may not accept any referral fee payments from any Broker, Realtor® , Buyer or Seller. Referral Licensees can only receive referral fee payments from Realty Referral Group, Inc.

New Home Sales

If you have a customer interested in a new home all you have to do is register the customer with the builder. Upon closing, Realty Referral Group, Inc., receives the selling commission 75% of which would be paid to you, the Referral Licensee.

Earn $10k to $20k without listing or selling

Referral fees received from cooperating Brokers will be based on 25% of the applicable portion of the listing or sales commission (usually 3%). This 25% of the applicable portion will be paid to Realty Referral Group, Inc. The Referral Licensee will receive 75% of this fee, or 3/4 of the applicable portion. There may be some exceptions where customary referral fees are not the same in specific market areas. Commission percentages to the Broker vary from city to city. Realty Referral Group, Inc., will pay the Referral Licensee upon the closing of a transaction and receipt of the referral fee. The check will be disbursed to the Referral Licensee within a few days. Referral fees with outside Brokers will be handled in the same manner. When referring yourself as a customer, you will receive 90% of the 25% referral fee!

EXAMPLE: $100,000 purchase price x 3% real estate commission = $3,000 commission. The $3,000 commission represents one side of the transaction. Of the $3,000 applicable portion, Realty Referral Group, Inc., would receive $750.00 (25% of the $3,000 commission). Realty Referral Group, Inc., would then pay the Referral Licensee $562.50 or 3/4 of the $750 earned commission.

Ready to Sign Up?

Complete the contact form on this page, and we will send you an email with a link to Docusign which contains the program information, policy, and the license status change form. Once you complete that signing, you will receive an invoice for the payment of your first year's setup and administration fee of $50.  This must be paid online.

I look forward to working with you!

Eric M Boyd
Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker