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Application Requirements

NOTE:  Potential renters should NOT complete the application before you can request a showing.  We simply request that you look over the application requirements prior to making a showing request.

In the case of multiple, competing applications we receive for a single property, all completed applications will be reviewed and screened.  The order of receipt of applications does not place a priority on selection. The selected application will chosen based on the below listed qualifications and the best lease terms that benefit the owner of the property.  To the best of our ability, applicants will be notified when multiple applications have been received by our office.

FAIR HOUSING: This Brokerage does not discriminate, will not evaluate rental applications, and will not engage in any practice or policy, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, handicap or disability, sexual preference, national origin, ancestry, or any other status that is deemed protected by Federal, State, or Local laws, rules, regulation, or ordinances.

SMOKING is not allowed in any house or garage.

Application Requirements

  • Each adult (18-over) must complete a separate application.
  • Potential applicant(s) MUST view the property before submitting an application. Applications received from parties who have not viewed the property will NOT be processed. Application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Application must be completely filled-out, with all documents, and application fee paid, prior to screening.
  • Application submission fee = $65.00 per adult, regardless of employment status. Non-refundable. Fees must be paid with a credit card when online application is submitted.
  • Upon application approval, an offer to lease will be sent via email to the approved applicant(s), including details of the offer.
  • The offer to lease will expire in 48 hours after it is sent, after which time the offer to lease may be extended to other approved applicants.
  • Normal Security Deposit amount is the amount noted in rental listing.
  • Security Deposit is due immediately after application is approved. Certified funds only.
  • Upon receipt of Security Deposit funds from the approved applicant, property will be taken off the market and the lease agreement will be drafted by our Attorney.
  • Lease agreement will be sent via Docusign for electronic signing, and must be signed within 3 calendar days after it is sent.
  • One full month's rent is due at lease signing, regardless of lease start date. If applicable, prorated rent will be due at the beginning of the following month. Certified funds only.
  • Tenant will be automatically enrolled in the Tenant Benefits Package and charged $50/mo, for the duration of the tenancy. Details of this Tenant Benefits Package can be found at
  • 4 current paycheck statements (3 months current bank statements may be required). Mobile screenshots of deposits are NOT acceptable.
  • Self-employed applicants must provide last 2 years of tax returns, 1099 forms, P&L Statements, etc.
  • Legible copy of Current & valid driver's license issued by any state within the United States of America
  • Legible copy of Current & valid Social Security Number, Military ID, Visa, Green Card, or other ID issued by the United States of America
  • Pet Application (if applicable) - Approved pets will require payment of monthly pet rent and payment of an additional security deposit of $250 per approved pet. Monthly pet admin fee ranges from $15.00-55.00 per month, per approved pet, which is based on the Paw Score at Include fish tanks over 5 gallons, birds, rodents, reptiles, etc. Evidence of unauthorized pets will be grounds for eviction. If you have a pet, service animal, or emotional support animal, you must complete the third party Pet Screening application (for each pet) and pay their separate application fee at Application for your application to be considered complete. No more than 2 pets of any kind will be allowed, subject to property insurance limitations or community deed restrictions.


  • FICO credit score 550 or above = acceptable; normal security deposit
  • FICO credit score between 500 - 549 = additional security deposit may be required
  • FICO credit score below 500 = denied
  • Applicants without FICO score due to no Federal Tax ID = 2x normal security deposit
  • Gross monthly income = 3x rent amount - Gross income from all sources is considered (Ex: housing subsidy, child support, alimony, SSI).
  • Gross monthly income requirement for 3 or more unrelated adult tenants is 2x rent amount, per adult applicant
  • NO unpaid bills or collections accounts for utilities. (Ex: water, electricity, natural gas, and propane)
  • NO unpaid bills or collections accounts for previous management companies, landlords, etc.
  • If applicant has a current mortgage - additional security deposit may be required
  • Bankruptcy - Status must be DISCHARGED
  • Prior Eviction Filings or Judgments - none in last five (5) years
  • Criminal records must contain no convictions for felonies within the past 7 years involving the manufacture or distribution of controlled substances. For other felony convictions, we will conduct individualized assessments that take into account mitigating factors, such as facts & circumstances surrounding the criminal conduct, age at time of conduct, evidence of good tenancy before and after conduct, nature & severity of conviction and the amount of time that has passed since the conviction. Criminal history which indicates that an applicant’s tenancy would constitute a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals or whose tenancy could result in substantial physical damage to the property of the owner or others may result in rejection of the application